Planning Projects

Current Entitlement Applications
The City's Development Services Department is dedicated to providing information to the public regarding current planning proposals. The following list describes discretionary entitlement applications currently in process with the Development Services Department. Discretionary entitlement applications are those that require review by either the Planning Commission and/or the City Council.

Please note the dates below are tentative and are subject to change. For information regarding any of the current proposals, please contact the assigned planner at 949-635-1800.
Application Number
Location Description Status Projected Public Hearing Date
Assigned Planner
RSM 20-009 30321 Tomas Conditional Use Permit for RV Storage at existing self-storage facility (SoCal Self Storage) Approved 7/7/2021 7/7/2021 Derek Bingham
RSM 20-012 29851-29881 Aventura Sign Program with Alternative Development Standard for Plaza Empresa Under Review TBD Derek Bingham
RSM 21-001 22215 El Paseo Changed Plan to install and operate two EV charging stations in the Kohl's parking lot Approved 3/24/2021 N/A Derek Bingham
RSM 21-002 30451 Avenida de las Flores Suite E Conditional Use Permit for alcoholic beverage retail sales and outdoor dining (Happy Oasis Restaurant) Approved 4/7/2021 4/7/21 Wendy Starks
RSM 21-003 22722 Avenida Empresa Site Development Permit for exterior improvements (Santa Margarita Toyota) Approved 3/24/2021 N/A Derek Bingham
RSM 21-004 29821-29851 Aventura Tentative Parcel Map to subdivide Plaza Empresa Approved 8/4/2021 8/4/2021 David Blumenthal
RSM 21-005 30200 Avenida De Las Banderas Site Development Permit for a new cogeneration project (Applied Medical) Approved 5/3/2021 N/A Derek Bingham
RSM 21-006 30092 Santa Margarita Parkway, Suite L-1 Conditional Use Permit for relocation of an existing martial arts studio to the Arroyo Crossroads Shopping Center (David Kang's Taekwondo Center) Approved 6/2/2021 6/2/2021 Wendy Starks
RSM 21-007 21771 1/2 Via Del Lago Conditional Use Permit for installation and operation of a new wireless telecommunications facility (AT&T cell site) on an existing water tank. Approved 12/1/2021 12/1/2021 Derek Bingham
RSM 21-008 22915 El Paseo, Suite 110 Changed Plan to allow permanent outdoor patio (Hanna's Restaurant) Approved 8/4/2021 N/A Derek Bingham
RSM 21-009 31431 Santa Margarita Parkway Suites M-N Changed Plan for patio expansion at existing restaurant (The Blind Pig) Approved 6/22/2021 N/A Derek Bingham
RSM 21-010 29839 Santa Margarita parkway Tentative Parcel Map for subdivision of existing building into office condominiums Under Review TBD David Blumenthal
RSM 21-011 22322 El Paseo Conditional Use Permit for expanded outdoor dining patio (Todos Santos) Approved 10/6/2021 10/6/2021 Wendy Starks
RSM 21-012 22872 Av. Empresa Changed Plan to allow for improvements related to interconnection with co-generation facility at 30200 Av. De Las Banderas (Applied Medical) Approved 11/10/2021 N/A Derek Bingham
RSM 21-013 22431 Antonio Parkway, Suite B-190 Conditional Use Permit for a new fitness facility (Eat the Frog Fitness) in Plaza Antonio Under Review 2/2/2022 Wendy Starks
RSM 21-014 23191 Arroyo Vista Conditional Use Permit for dog daycare and kennel (Wags and Wiggles) Under Review 2/2/2022 Derek Bingham

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