Graffiti Removal

The City of Rancho Santa Margarita seeks to eliminate blight, improve the appearance of business and residential areas and create a community where all those who live, work and play can experience a sense of pride and well being. Your partnership is needed to achieve these goals. The City's Municipal Code is designed to protect the residential atmosphere of your neighborhood as well as to prevent unsafe and unsightly use of property. By reporting violations of our codes, you allow us to work together to achieve the quality of life everyone wants to enjoy in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Graffiti Removal Responsibility

Inscriptions or drawings placed on a property without the property owner’s permission are considered graffiti. Removing graffiti is the owner’s responsibility, however, City assistance is available.

Reporting Graffiti

Graffiti on public or private property can be reported online or called in 24 hours a day at 949-635-1825 or use Community Connection to report your complaint online.