The budget focuses on the 2 major sources of funding for the City's financial activities: Operating Revenues and Special Revenues.
City Responsibilities
The City is responsible for many municipal services, including but not limited to:
  • Law enforcement
  • Street maintenance, lighting, and sweeping
  • Traffic signal maintenance and coordination
  • Public works improvements
  • Economic development and planning
  • Code enforcement
  • Community services programming and facility operations
  • Animal care and control
These service delivery functions are performed by City staff, or in partnership with private contractors providing staff augmentation and consultant services, and other governmental entities. Additionally, the City implements new legislative and regulatory requirements as they occur, and enacts City Council initiatives, such as water conservation awareness.

Department Budgets

The budget of each department includes a brief description of the department as well as a summary of the accomplishments for the previous fiscal year and a list of goals and objectives for the upcoming fiscal year.