Affordable Housing

Determining Affordability
Housing is considered affordable when a household pays no more than 30% of its gross monthly income for housing including utilities. Affordability is further categorized by income level as shown in the table below.

Household Income Brackets

Assumptions: This table is based on a family of 4 with 30% of gross income for rent or PITI. This accounts for a 10% down payment, 6% interest, 1.25% taxes/insurance.
Income Bracket
Income Limits
Hourly Wage
Affordable Rent
Affordable Purchase Price
Very Low (Less Than 50%)
$46,500 $23.25
$1,163 Not Applicable
Low (51 - 80%)
$74,400 $37.20 $1,860 $275,000
Moderate (81 - 120 %)
$103,300 $51.65 $2,583 $380,000
Above Moderate (Less than 120%)
Over $103,300 Over $51.65
Over $2,583 Over $380,000
Annual Median Income
As the table shows, a household is considered "low income" when it earns 51-80% of the County’s annual median income (AMI). The AMI of Orange County in the year 2009 was $86,100, so a household earning $74,400 a year would be considered "low income." A household earning $46,500, or below 50% of the County’s AMI, would be considered "very-low income."

Making Ends Meet
Across the State, working families in California are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. With costs rising in many arenas, from gas to housing to health care, many households across the State must make difficult budgetary decisions on how to spend limited household resources and on what spending to cut. A recent report by the California Budget Project found that only about half of California’s workers earn enough with 2 full-time working adults to make ends meet. To learn more about the unique California market, please view the California Housing page.

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