Business Resources

The City offers a variety of resources for new and expanding businesses. Visit our Available Commercial Space tool and use the links to the left to access a variety of data. Contact City Staff at (949) 635-1800 ext. 6701 for additional information.

Starting a Business

Opening a new business or expanding an existing business can be confusing. Outlined below are four important considerations when considering starting a business:

1. Determine whether the type of business is allowed in the specific location you are considering. City Staff can help with this. Call the Planning Division at (949) 635-1800 ext. 6705.

2. Determine whether the type of business requires any special types of permits, such as a Conditional Use Permit. Contact the City's Planning Division at (949) 635-1800 ext. 6705 for assistance in determining permit requirements.

3. If any construction is planned, such as tenant improvements or new electrical or plumbing fixtures, a building permit is required. Contact the City's Building and Safety Division at 949-635-1800 ext. 6101. All businesses are required to obtain a Certificate of Use and Occupancy prior to opening, even if no building permits are required.

4. Determine if there are any permits required from regional, state, or federal agencies.