Fire Services

The City of Rancho Santa Margarita contracts with the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) for all fire safety services. OCFA provides fire protection services within the City's incorporated boundaries and to the surrounding unincorporated areas. 

OCFA is a regional fire department that provides fire protection and emergency medical services to 23 cities in Orange County and all unincorporated areas of Orange County. The Fire Authority is responsible for providing for the protection of citizens, the enforcement of fire safety laws, and fire prevention and suppression. The Battalion Chief is the Department Head for Fire Services and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of fire services in the City.

OCFA has one fire station within the City, Fire Station 45, located at 30131 Aventura within the Rancho Santa Margarita Business Park. Three other stations are located just outside of the City, including OCFA Fire Station 18, located at 30942 Trabuco Canyon Road in Trabuco Canyon, OCFA Fire Station 31, located at 22426 Olympiad Road in Mission Viejo; and OCFA Fire Station 58, located at 58 Station Way in Ladera Ranch. Several other stations outside the immediate area may respond to fire and other emergencies in the City.

OCFA provides fire suppression, emergency medical, rescue services, and public education programs for schools, businesses, community organizations, childcare providers, and other community members. In addition, OCFA works with the City to adopt and enforce codes and ordinances relative to fire and life safety and reviews development projects within the City for potential impacts on fire protection services. OCFA has agreements with all Orange County cities and neighboring cities outside Orange County, surrounding counties, and U.S. Forest Service and military installations.