Purchasing is a division of the Finance Department. The Purchasing Division's goal is to efficiently secure for the City, supplies, services and equipment at the lowest possible cost commensurate with quality needed. Under the authority of the City's Municipal Code, the Division coordinates procurement processes for a wide range of municipal services and supplies.

Procurements for public works construction projects are solicited directly by the Public Works Department. View a listing of current procurements and requests for proposals.

Vendor Registration
Becoming a registered vendor with the City of Rancho Santa Margarita can streamline the process of doing business with the City. Registered vendors join a collection of interested parties for classes of supplies and services normally purchased by the City. Interest files are reviewed by applicable procuring departments prior to procurement of services and supplies. To register, interested vendors must complete and return a Vendor Registration Form (PDF).

Submitting a Vendor Registration Form
  • Identifies you as a potential provider
  • Provides information about your business to the City
  • Identifies the types of products and services your company can provide
The Form includes a listing of common commodities, supplies and service descriptions. Please provide all the information requested on the form and mail it to:
City of Rancho Santa Margarita
Finance Department
Purchasing Division
22112 El Paseo
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

You may also email the completed and signed form, along with all the required documents to Sofia Djordjevic.

Please subsequently advise the City of any changes in address, phone or fax numbers, email or web address, and other vital information that differs from your original Vendor Registration Form (PDF).

Insurance Requirements
Contractors shall not commence work under a price agreement, contract, or purchase order until all insurance requirements have been met and approved by the City as to form, amount and carrier. The insurance requirements shall apply to all contractors and sub-contractors performing work at City locations. (View the City's insurance requirements (PDF).) Along with copies of your insurance certificates please submit a completed and signed W-9 form (PDF).