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Current Construction Bids and Requests for Proposals

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Project Advertisements

Public Works projects for the City of Rancho Santa Margarita are advertised and awarded in accordance with provisions of the Public Contract Code. Projects are advertised in newspapers of general circulation in the area of the project and also in various construction trade journals, bid boards, and newsletters. 

For More Information

For information on Public Works projects, please call the department at 949-635-1800.

Bid Results

  1. Bid Tabulation Dog Park Renovation
  2. Bid Tabulation Annual Concrete Repair Program and ADA Curb Ramp Installation
  3. Bid Tabulation Camino Altozano and Avenida De Las Banderas
  4. Bid Tabulation - Vereda Laguna Sidewalk and Landscape Improvement CDBG Project
  5. Bid Tabulation - City Hall Fountain Renovation
  6. Bid Tabulation Annual Residential Overlay (FY 2016-17) and Coto De Caza Drive Pavement Rehabilitatio
  7. Bid Tabulation City Hall IT Server Room Fire Suppression System
  8. Bid Tabulation - City Hall Carpet Replacement Project
  9. Bid Tabulation Antonio Parkway and Santa Margarita Parkway Pavement Rehabilitation
  10. Bid Tabulation Dog Park Irrigation Main
  11. Bid Tabulation Auto Center Drive State Route 241 Signage Improvements
  12. Bid Tabulation - City Hall and Bell Tower Regional Community Center Landscape Improvements
  13. Bid Tabulation - Traffic Signal Enhancement at Santa Margarita Parkway and El Paseo
  14. Bid Tabulation - ADA Curb Ramp Installation (FY 2017-18)
  15. Bid Tabulation - FY 17-18 BTRCC Youth Lounge Courtyard
  16. Bid Tabulation - FY 17-18 Annual Slurry Seal
  17. Bid Tabulation Avenida Empresa Pavement Rehabilitation
  18. Bid Tabulation - Interior Painting and Staining and Seal Exterior Wood Trimming
  19. Bid Tabulation Slurry Seal 2018-19
  20. Bid Tabulation Annual Concret Repair Program FY 2018-19
  21. Bid Tabulation ADA Curb Ramp Installation FY 2018-19
  22. Bid Tabulation - Avenida Empresa Pavement Rehabilitation and FY 18/19 Annual Residential Overlay
  23. Bid Tabulation - FY 18/19 Traffic Signal Pole and Cabinet Painting
  24. Bid Tabulation - Avenida De Las Flores Slurry Seal Project
  25. Bid Tabulation - Installation of Battery Backup & Emergency Vehicle Preemption Systems
  26. Bid Tabulation - Skate Park Improvements
  27. Bid Tabulation Janitorial Maintenance Services
  28. Bid Tabulation - Annual Concrete Repair FY 19-20
  29. Bid Tabulation - El Paseo Corridor Improvements
  30. Bid Tabulation - FY 19/20 Landscape Maintenance Services

Request for Proposals